5050 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges, Montréal, QC H3V 1G6 Tel.: (438) 380-9903
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Caribbean Cuisine

Experience Caribbean cuisine proposed by RESTAURANT CHEZ THONY in Montreal. Our specialty, Haitian cuisine is a blend of tropical flavors and multicultural influences (Spain, France and Africa). It will delight your taste buds, especially if you like spicy dishes.

Enjoy our specialties in our restaurant:

  • Lambi
  • Poulet de grain créole
  • Confit de porc (griot)
  • Cabri
  • Dorade rouge
  • Touffé de boeuf ou végé-végé

Caribbean cuisine lovers, stop in Montreal, and visit RESTAURANT CHEZ THONY for an unforgettable culinary journey.

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